History of Japanese Language Field

           Japanese language field opens for teaching in Bachelor's Degree by making the Japanese language subject to be an elective subject of students of Tourism Industry Program and elective subject of students of Business English Program which has many more students to enroll every year; moreover, at the present time, Thailand needs more personnel possessing knowledge in Japanese language in Bachelor's Degree in order to perform in several agencies in both public and private sectors because Thailand has several cooperative aspects with Japan, especially tourism, business, trading and education.

            Rajabhat Suansunandha University, therefore, considered that it is proper to establish Japanese Language Program to support in opening for teaching of Bachelor of Arts Curriculum, Japanese Language Field. An approval for establishing (to be the program) was on July 15, 2002 and opened for teaching at the first time in 1st semester, 2003.

            In the first opening for teaching, the Japanese Language Field opened for enrollment for only one group, which received many interested students for enrollment, until in academic year of 2005, the Japanese Language Field opened for enrollment for 2 groups and in this academic year, Japanese Language Program have changed the name into Japanese Language Field; furthermore, the Japanese Language Field improved the Curriculum, B.E. 2003 to be more flexible by adjust total GPA to be in conformity with the Higher Education Commission.

            As Rajabhat Suansunandha University had an academic cooperation with Japan's University in Kansai Region, total 5 universities, which increases to 6 universities at the present time to be an opportunity for the students in Japanese Language Field to participate in student exchange to be the opportunity for studying Japanese language and culture in Japan for 3 months. The Japanese Language Field selected the students to be participated in this project since academic year of 2004- there are 4 persons at the present time. From 2006-2014, the Japanese Language Field has selected the students for participating in Japanese language and culture exchange project for short term period for 2 weeks, total 26 persons and the student received scholarship to study Japanese language and culture in Japan by JASSO scholarship for 1 year, total 3 persons, JENESYS, the short term exchange project by the cooperation with Japanese Government, total 2 persons.